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(Please note that the deadline for entering inventory into the system is 10:00pm, the Thursday before the sale.)

If you are selling items from a previous sale, please make sure you move your items into your "ACTIVE" inventory. This ensures that your items are in the current system, ready to sell!

Consignor Presale -
Consignors are allowed to bring ONE friend with them to the consignor presale from 7-9pm.

Seasonal Items -
The Spring Sale will have: swimsuits, sandals, pool/water toys, and swim gear.
The Fall Sale will have coats, jackets, ski apparel, ski equipment, hats, gloves, and Halloween costumes.

The following information will help you prepare your items for consigning with Boise Kidsignments:


  • Infant girls and boys clothing up to size 16, NO MATERNITY
  • No stains
  • Bulk sleepers and onesies - pin a couple of sleepers or onesies together and sell for a higher price
  • Sell outfits as ensembles (put pants with a shirt even if not bought together). People think they are getting a better deal if it is sold as an outfit.
  • Price according to what you think you would spend on that item
  • Name brands can be priced higher
    Prepare Items: Wash, iron, repair buttons, gather loose pieces of toys and do whatever is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition. Items will be returned that do not meet our guidelines. Remember, the nicer your items look, the better chance that they will sell.

    Hang Clothing: Hang all garments on hanger with hanger hook pointing left (should look like a question mark.) For two piece items, hang shirt/dress on hanger, then safety pin the bottoms to the top of the hanger, behind the shirt or dress. Do not use straight pins. If the item easily slips off the hanger, it is recommended that you put a safety pin through the item and hanger, so it will not fall off. If using adult sized wire hangers for infant clothing, bend the ends of the hanger down for a better fit. All pants must be pinned to a hanger and not folded over.


  • Shoes in like new condition
  • When preparing shoes, you may tie the shoelaces together, buckle the shoes together, or safety pin them together. Do not put shoes in bags to keep them together.


  • Toys, books and video games - all toys must be in good working condition with all parts included. If batteries are needed, they must be included. Books include children's books, pregnancy and parenting books.
  • Attach description and or instruction to toys if you have it or go on manufactures website and print off.
  • Stuffed animals that are new with tag or name brand/trademarked characters (e.g. Disney or PBS characters).
  • Consider putting multiple books in a bag and sell as set
  • Sports accessories
  • Outdoor toys - please clean as best you can
  • Packaging toys and games: Put loose pieces in clear plastic bags and attach to the toy by tying it on, using masking tape or by placing the bag inside the toy (then seal the toy so the bag cannot be separated from the toy). Be sure that there are no loose pieces. It will be difficult to match loose pieces to the correct toy. Use original boxes and containers if you have them. Please include batteries in your electronic toys so customers can see how they work. Test all buttons on your toys to make sure they work. If a toy still has lots of life but has a defect, please note that on the tag and price accordingly. If you are missing directions for a toy or game, visit the manufacturer's website. They often have copies you can print.


    WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT CRIBS. Please read here for more info.

  • Baby furniture and equipment - changing tables, gliders/rocking chairs, mobiles, bouncy seats, front carriers and backpacks, swings, exersaucers, activity blankets, strollers, high chairs, booster seats, etc.
  • Young Children's Furniture - pictures, lamps, youth/toddler beds, toy boxes, etc.
  • Bedding - crib bedding, toddler bedding, blankets
  • Clean strollers & outside toys

  • Please thoroughly wash entire car seat including cover, straps, and any plastic area.
  • Car seats will be accepted if they have been manufactured within the last 6 years AND if they have not been in an accident OR if they are not subject to recall. For current recall information, check the following website:


  • Nursery accessories, bottle warmers, baby monitors, bottles and other feeding accessories, diaper bags, bathtubs, potty seats, diaper pails, etc.
  • Socks, tights, hair bows, hats, etc.
  • Group small items in plastic bags (e.g. socks, hair bows, etc.). Tape the bag shut so that the playful hands of children do not separate your goodies. Please keep in mind that if your items are separated from their tag, we cannot sell them.


  • All items must be ready to go out on the racks when you arrive at check in.
  • All items must be received at the designated drop-off time (see Location, Dates & Times).
  • Proceed to the Sign-in table, find your name on the sign-in sheet and check it off.
  • At drop-off, after your clothing items have been checked, please place your clothing items on the sales floor. Clothing will be sorted by gender and size. All clothing racks will be marked by size and gender. There will also be marked areas for all other items (e.g. toys, car seats, furniture, etc.) Volunteers will be available to help you.
  • We will be taking steps to insure your items are not lost or stolen.

    All items must be picked up during the designated pick-up time (see Location, Dates & Times). If you fail to show up during this time, items will be donated.

    Please check for any of your items in the "Lost and Found" pile.

  • If you do not see the "Lost and Found" pile, please ask one of us or a volunteer before you leave.
  • Anything unclaimed will be donated to charity.
  • Please go through your pile and make sure you do not have items belonging to other sellers. We are only human and some things may get mis-sorted!

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